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Rosalind had been a fine mother to her sisters Jane, Skye, and Barry, for four years, ever since their mother died. So when her Aunt Claire visits with a blue letter for her father, written by her mother, Rosalind can’t chase away the sense of foreboding.

When she finds out that her mother’s letter suggests her dad start dating again, Rosalind quickly calls the sisters together for an emergency MOPS – a Meeting Of Penderwick Sisters. Together they hatch the Save Daddy Plan, designed to ensure that they will never have to endure a stepmother.

As their father begins to suffer through the torture of dating, the sisters become involved in complications of their own. Skye and Jane get tangled up with homework while playing soccer in perfect sync.  Rosalind struggles with her own boy problems involving the Geiger brothers. And Batty spies on Bug Man with her dog, Hound, and the new neighbor’s little boy, Ben.

Before long, not only are the sisters beginning to unravel, but they also realize that the Save Daddy Plan is making their father miserable. After a night of revelations and confessions, the sisters revise the Save Daddy Plan with the help of Ben’s mother, Iantha.

THE PENDERWICKS ON GARDAM STREET is a delightful book featuring laughter, pranks, bedtime stories, and the sweet emotions of family love. Jeanne Birdsall and the Penderwicks will capture your heart.

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Great review, Cana. I reviewed this book too, on my blog. I adore the Penderwicks. :)
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