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The Center of the Universe: Yep, That Would Be Me

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   Anita Liberty is not the happiest teenager you’ll ever meet.  In fact, she can be downright morose.  But she does it in a way that is so hysterically funny you can’t help but love her.
   Among the people who contribute to Anita’s misery are her 12 year old sister, who is already in a committed relationship; her friends who vary in their degree of “friendliness” from week to week; the boys who are, well, boys; and her parents who don’t seem to know anything about her or understand her in the least.
   Now she also has to deal with the pressure of SAT’s, college applications, boys (of course), oh, and the Wiccan curse that has been placed on her by one of her “friends”.
   So how does a girl deal with the pressure and disappointment of her everyday life?  Well, in the words of Anita Liberty, “I can’t fix the world. I can only sit back and criticize it.” And she does. Through journal entries, poems, charts and SAT words (yeah, I know, but it makes sense as you read it) Anita details the misery she suffers through from the ages of sixteen to eighteen.
   The Center of the Universe: Yep, That Would Be Me (by Anita Liberty) is the hysterically funny story of a girl whose view of the world is a little skewed but completely accurate.  You may find yourself reading it over and over and laughing every time.

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