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The Society of S

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Traci Dee

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard is a YA novel about vampires; however, it's not a Twilight wannabe nor does it have the slick, vapid tone of the many teen vampire novels that have been published recently.  The Society of S is old school gothic, complete with a gloomy mansion, a dark, brooding patriarchal figure, and a young girl named Ariella, who spends her life shut away from the rest of the world.  She has been told that she has a serious illness that prevents her from eating certain foods and lingering too long in the sun.  The young girl's discovery of the true nature of her illness is just the beginning, because although The Society of S is about vampires, it's less about fangs and angst than about a girl's desire to understand her roots.

I wrote that for my library's newsletter (that's why it sounds so bloodless) but I really dug this book.  Two thumbs up.
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I just read it a couple months ago. I actually thought it was not set in modern times for a while....
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