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Publishers of Korean-themed topics, but for an intl (English) market

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Hi, I have a possible opportunity to contribute to a project involving Korean material, but published in English. I can think of two possible markets to aim at: one would be academic presses in the US, but the other (which would have likely a lot larger readership) would be an international population who wants to read Korean things in translation (even if English is not their first language). Think of the people who have gotten interested in Korea via Kpop or Kdramas and would like to know more about the country and culture/literature beyond just BTS. Are there publishers who focus on this market? The project is more serious than, Oppa, I love you! Let me put your poster on my wall!, and yet more accessible to everyday people than A Work of Serious Literature that only a few elite scholars would read. And specifically someone who produces physical books. (This project would be a bit weird only in digital, I think.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer!
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