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do you write anywhere in particular?

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ahhhh, I dream of having an office to write in one day! I write at the kitchen table, or once in a while in a recliner in my living room. One night per week I head off to a coffee shop, but find I get very little actually accomplished there. It seems with all the chatter going on around me, it feels natural to do things like catching up on emails.
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Lately, I've been writing in two different places.  On the rare occasions I finish work early and no one wants to ask me a question, I sneak down to the university computer room and sit among great hulking Turkish boys, furtively trying to get in some blogging.   When I get home, I sit at our dining table and write as my three teenagers shout, argue, sing, and horse around and my husband snores away to beat the band.

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I can't write in the apartment I share with my other half (the place is way too small), so I have to write out in the wilds of Manhattan. I joined a writers organization, a big loft space downtown where I go to write; I can go 24/7. You don't get your own desk -- you take what's open -- so I lug all my writing stuff around in a backpack and set up each time. My current favorite desk is in a little dark corner, a small pocket away from traffic, and I'm sitting here now. Other writers are around typing, hearing them is almost comforting. I don't know what I'd do without this place.

I also have a favorite cafĂ© where I go to write in the mornings before work -- it's surprising how much I can get done in the noise, because the back room gets very crowded! They have the best mochas, which helps the writing immensely.  :smile

One of my fantasies is to get a bigger apartment -- you know, the kind with more than 2 rooms? And then we'd have a "writing room," and I could have a desk that's always ready and waiting for me, decorated and set up however I want. Or even an apartment where we could fit a desk... no room in this place, I'm afraid. One day...

Or maybe it's better that I don't write in the apartment. That way, I'm physically separated from my nemesis, the TV.  :banghead
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The kids moved out of the house, their bedrooms were vacant, and I moved in. My daughter's former bedroom is now my office.  I call it "Suite 3"--and it is as sweet as can be!
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Anywhere & anytime, though I am a binge-writer. When I get an idea, and have a day or two to map it out and start, that's it! I won't stop until it's finished!

I have written:
-at my computer (which is in our small living room between the kitchen and with the tv blaring) AND on my laptop
-during breaks at work
-all night (finished the latest at 7:00 am)
BUT my favorite place (notebooks still do come in handy) has to be DISNEYLAND!
#35 - January 01, 2009, 03:24 PM

At the dining room table if no one is home and in my closet if the brood is here.
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Jill, I've heard that Barbara Kingsolver wrote her first novel in a closet -- you're in good company there!   Wish we had a closet big enough...
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Why didn't I see this thread earlier? I love hearing about writing spaces.

This past week at Through The Tollbooth we all posted pictures of our writing places. Here's a link to one of the posts but there are several others, too.   I've known all these women for years but hadn't seen where most of them write-- it was fascinating to see echoes of their work in the places where they create.

My writing room is a tiny attic space under the eaves. It's freezing in winter and blazing hot in summer but I love it there, especially very early in the morning. It's ironic that this category is Organization because my office has no organizational scheme what so ever.

Lately, I've become a little obsessed with other writer's work places. There's a great series of articles about writers and their rooms in The Guardian.

I especially enjoyed seeing the cottage where Roald Dahl worked.
#38 - January 03, 2009, 07:33 AM

Thanks for those links - I love seeing and hearing where other people work. I'd love to have a space
like Eric Carle's:

I set up a little drawing table in the middle of the living room so I'd have at least one work space that didn't have jelly on it.
I do most of my writing and drawing there, but I do my best writing in my head when I'm walking the dog.

#39 - January 03, 2009, 02:01 PM


I do a lot of my writing in my bed writing freehand in a notebook.  But I probably do an equal amount of writing on my computer which is set up in my living room. 
#40 - January 03, 2009, 04:03 PM

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I love my office space and write there most of the time on the computer, but I also enjoy sitting in my rocker in my bedroom to write in my notebook. When the kiddos were little, it was at the kitchen counter. When the weather is nice I like to take my writing out in the backyard, though I confess it's hard to concentrate with the birds and squirrels putting up a show.

#41 - January 03, 2009, 05:14 PM
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