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Form and function vs. message

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Anyone else have this problem? When writing for kids, the kids want the parts to be equal. The story doesn't necessarily come out in equal chunks. I'm not talking about high drama. The sum total of my script writing work is four Christmas pageants one of which has been published (then the company went out of business before anyone bought it, but hey, it was published).

Anyway, I've fallen into a pattern of writing four scenes with about equal weight saying essentially the same thing from a different view point. So the Shepherds need to find the baby. The Magi need to find the baby. The townspeople need to find the baby. This pattern works well for rehearsals because the four groups can work at the same time.

But this year I couldn't think that way. And it is causing annoyance among the children. I'm not really asking for advice, as much as companionship. Anyone else have that problem? I know it must exist. I mean Laura Schlitz (Newbery 2007) said she wrote Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! because Shakespeare wasn't equal in his parts. What do other writers do?

#1 - November 18, 2008, 06:08 PM
How Things Work (Publications International, 2006)
Bugs & Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter (Boyds Mill Press, 2010)
Touch the Earth (NASA, 2009)


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