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Timing for magazine submissions

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I'm hoping for some insight...when magazines have a deadline listed for a particular theme, is it best to send the article in ASAP (even if it's months away), or is it best to hold the article until closer to the deadline?  I guess my point is, do they even consider articles prior to their listed deadline--in which case the early bird just may get the worm...

Thanks for your help!
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Mimi, with the themed magazines like the Hopscotch group, it is best to send in your article right away because there is no deadline for the article -- only a projected publication date. Once they choose the stories, that issue gets closed. But with the Cobblestone group, it seems that they consider all queries for a particular issue at one time with a consulting editor, so all queries go in a pile, and there's no advantage of being the first.

Good luck.
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