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Mary, Bloody Mary

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NOTE:  This is a duplicate review.  The discussion of this book and original review has been moved to the Book Talk Board. People can comment on and discuss this book there.

For many, there's a special fascination about King Henry the VIIIth, his wives and his children. Henry the VIIIth was romantic, handsome, determined and passionate in his early years.  He was a loving husband and father until his desire for a living, legitimate son became such an obsession with him that he turned ruthless and violent towards anyone who stood in his way or didn't agree with him. Mary, Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer lets readers see this king through the eyes and heart of his firstborn -- Mary Tudor.

Experience her joy of being the treasured princess of the kingdom of England as a young child, and later, her frustration and fears as both she and her mother are displaced first by Anne Boleyn, and then even more by Anne's daughter, Elizabeth. This book brings Mary to life in a way that is both gentle and harsh. It's hard not to feel sympathy with Mary as you see how unfairly she was treated once the king had determined to put her mother's marriage aside.

Given the title of the book, I'd like to have seen more actual story of her years as queen of England and how she "earned" her title of Bloody Mary.  Still, the book was genuinely fascinating and and that was my only real complaint -- that the book ended too soon. There's some hope for more of the story, though, with three other titles by Carolyn Meyer:  Beware, Princess Elizabeth, Doomed Queen Anne, and Patience, Princess Catherine. Each of those titles hold the promise of telling more of the stories of the people closest to King Henry the VIIIth.

Mary, Bloody Mary is a wonderful introduction to this king of England and his loves, life, and follies. It's written in an engaging, interesting style that will pull readers right in and make them want to know more.  An excellent book. I highly recommend it and I can't wait to read the rest of Carolyn Meyer's books on the people surrounding King Henry the VIIIth.
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