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As soon as I met Addie, the protagonist of this book, I liked her. Her Mommers is complaining and being unreasonable about the trailer home they are moving into but Addie is noticing that hey, the steps leading up to the trailer are very sturdy, and the kitchen is sized perfectly for a 6th-grader, and by golly, she is a 6th grader, how perfect!

In this one small detail, we know that this is a girl who digs through the junk that life dishes out and finds gems, even if they are plastic gems. 

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I was so glad to see a review here on the boards for this awesome read. In fact, I reviewed WAITING FOR NORMAL on my blog. Here's what I had to say about the book:

Addie is my hero!

Addie, the main character of Leslie Connor’s book WAITING FOR NORMAL, has such a strong voice and a warm heart she reached out from the page and pulled me, heart and all, into her story. I prayed, I cried (seriously,) and I cheered for Addie to find her place. Leslie Connor weaves her cast of unique characters together in Kate DiCamillo fashion. This beautiful story reminds us; even small acts of kindness can make a hero out of us all.

Highly recommend. My daughter, who is nine, loved it as well.
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It was November, I received a book from my sister on my birthday but I did not have time to read on those days. A year after, I didn't expect to receive a book from my best friend on my birthday, believe it or not- it was the same book that I received a year ago. There's nothing to do about the month of November but I have read the book for 2 hours- 'it captivated me, fascinated me and persuaded me that people who have good hearts can live on delightful possibilities in the world, even in most hard circumstances.

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