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Welcome, new members! Here's a summary of basic Blueboard rules. [Current members: if you're seeing this, it's because you're signed in on a new device or with a different browser -- read it anyway as a refresher!]

1.  Play nice.  
Before you post any message, stop and reread. If it could make someone feel bad, revise or don’t post. We discuss ISSUES here, not people.

2.  No political talk.
This is a politics-free zone. Political messages of any kind are not allowed. The only exceptions are specific issues that have a direct bearing on the business of children's books -- with NO specific discussion of political parties, candidates, or office-holders.

3.  No religious discussions.
It's okay to discuss issues that pertain to writing for religious markets but NOT okay to talk about theology, compare religious beliefs, etc.

4.  No double posts.  
Do not post the same topic twice anywhere on the board. We will merge or remove double posts without notice. To reach the broadest audience, post once on the main board. We may make an exception in rare circumstances.

5.  No solicitation.
The purpose of the Blueboard is for members to share information and support, not request help, monetary or otherwise, from fellow members. The exception is events or benefits that offer a service of direct relevance to children's writers and illustrators, e.g., an auction in which members can bid on critiques, agent consultations, etc., with the money going to a good cause. These may be posted as long as, in the judgment of board administrators, they are directly applicable to kidlit interests. However, we prohibit personal crowdfunding such as Kickstarter campaigns, Patreon and other fund solicitations, along with social media vote solicitation and requests for reviews and blurbs. Any such posts will be removed without notice.

6.  No defamatory posts.
You can post concerns about publishers and agencies as long as the posts cannot be considered defamation of character. For example, you CAN say something like: "My contract has an option clause that gives the publisher until 3 months after publication to consider my next book. But publication has been delayed for 5 years, and in the meantime I can’t submit or sell to anyone else." You CANNOT say the publisher (or agent/agency) is crooked, etc. Just state the facts. Likewise, we don't allow snark about authors or illustrators whose work you don't like or about another Blueboard poster you disagree with. Respectfully express your opinions of books without bringing people/personalities into it.

7. Self-Promotion is Limited.
Announcements or promotions may be posted on ONE of four boards: SCBWI Member Good News, PAL Book Promotion, Kidlit Good News, or Promotional News. There are qualifications, so read each board descriptor carefully when deciding where to post. Remember that you can use your book cover as your avatar and list titles in your signature. Also, the most effective way to promote yourself is to join the community and make friends, rather than posting "commercials" of any type.

8.  Don't post the entire contents of a letter, email, or review, including rejections  from editors and agents.
Post a line from the letter or paraphrase, but do not reprint the entire text unless you have permission from the person who wrote it. It's a copyright issue; the original writer or publisher holds the copyright, even for form letters. For more information:

9. No direct downloads.
Do not link directly to downloads; instead, send people to a website that has the download link on it. This includes any text attachments (doc/docx, pdf, txt, rtf). Exception: You may upload image attachments that are in jpg, jpeg, gif, or png.

In short—play nice, avoid posting inappropriately, and enjoy all the benefits of being on this message board. It's a caring, sharing, informative place to be!
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Bumping as a reminder of board rules.
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