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Beware, Princess Elizabeth

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"Beware, Princess Elizabeth," written by Carolyn Meyer, takes readers back in time to the days of King Henry the VIII, through the eyes of his second surviving child, Elizabeth, who was the daughter of Anne Boleyn, his second wife. Written in first person, you soon feel the events of the time are happening to you, and you experience Elizabeth's moments of pride and joy, as well as her frustrations, fears, and unhappiness as she goes from the adored child of this volatile king of England to being totally ignored by him, until her father finally declares her illegitimate, removing from her the possibility of her ever becoming the queen of England.

The dangers of the time Elizabeth lived in were quite real, and her very life was in jeopardy for many years of her youth. Her sister Mary became known through history as "Bloody Mary" during her five-year reign as queen of England. Mary executed hundreds of people by burning them alive for not following the Catholic religion. At the very end of her life, Mary finally named Elizabeth her successor in line for the throne, allowing Elizabeth to take her place as England's rightful queen after Mary's death.

This book allows readers to see a side of Elizabeth's young years that is glossed over in many other books about the life and times surrounding King Henry the VIII. It's easy to read, and full of personality and the early years of England's beloved Queen Elizabeth I.
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