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That's What Leprechauns Do

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 :irish "That's What Leprechauns Do" by Eve Bunting is a delightfully fun picture book for young children of all ages.  It's the job of three leprechauns to put the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and rain is coming soon.  They complain about it always being their job, but they know they have to do it, so off they go, determined to not be delayed by doing "mischief" along the way. 

But mischief is what they love to do most of all, so of course they stop along the way to paint a cow's hooves scarlet red, tie Old Jamie Bradley's long johns into a knot (they were hanging outside on a bush and were just too, too tempting), and put a tennis ball under Bridie the hen for Miss Maud Murphey to discover when she went to collect the eggs later that day.

The pot of gold is placed at the end of the rainbow, just in time, and when the rain has passed, and the rainbow goes away, the leprechaun's hurry to rebury the pot of gold and rush back just in time to see the reactions of the people to their tricks.

The illustrations by Emily Arnold McCully have just the right combination of brilliant colors and a humorous cartoony feel to delight the senses of both young children and the adults reading this story to them.  I was amazed when a four month old sat all the way through the entire reading of this story!  He reached out and tried to grab each page, and was thoroughly attentive all the way through it, becoming restless only towards the very end. 

Older children will delight in the lovely Irish-flavored language and the equally wonderful illustrations of this fun story.  It's definitely a keeper!
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Verla Kay

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