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Prada and Prejudice

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I'm too tired to write a lengthy review right now, but I'll offer a few pithy observations about Mandy Hubbard's Prada and Prejudice.

--This must be the absolute hardest kind of YA novel to write: no violence, no deaths, no profanity, and no sex (but plenty of romance).

--Mandy has succeeded in pulling it off. Especially for a reader who is a fan of Pride and Prejudice, it's a joy to follow Callie/Rebecca through her highs and lows.

--Each character is complex and fully drawn. There are many surprises, especially for Rebecca, and the reader fully shares them with her.

--Many YAs seem to be written by someone whose view of human nature is less than rosy. Ms. Hubbard's doesn't seem to be rosy, but it certainly is hopeful. Even a week or more after I read the story, I'd still think of it and get a warm feeling.

--Mandy said somewhere that she was rejected 20 or so times before she sold the book. This is a mystery to me, because Prada and Prejudice seems to be just about a perfect story for young teens. Twenty editors couldn't see this?

--I would like to see a sequel.
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Thank you for this review! This is on my list of things to read between classes or after I graduate.
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I would have to agree on all points having read this a while back.
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Aww. *warm fuzzies* You guys are SO NICE! :-) So glad you enjoyed it!!!
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