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Chapter length?

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honestly, i don't know any rules on chapters.

i didn't chapter my ms until i was ready to submit
the full to my agent. haha!

i just cut where there naturally seemed to be a good
break. it was 350 pages nearly and i had 20 chapters.
i thought maybe my editor would fiddle with it, but she
hasn't said anything so far.

it's still 20 chapters, tho the word count has dropped
from 96k to 82k after my first revision with the
editorial letter / line edits!

and really, i don't think it's anything to worry about.
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Been a while since anyone's discussed this so I thought I'd refresh the topic.
I posted my views on my blog.

How long is a chapter?

Chapter lengths and chapter length consistency.

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It depends. Consistently for me, it's around 2,000 words, and in some cases shorter (i.e. the chapter is more like an interlude, but more intense than what preceded).
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My chapters run 7-9 pages for a YA, sometimes ending a scene and sometimes ending at the climax of a scene and continuing to the next chapter.  At first my chapters were longer 11-12 pages, but on revisions, the book seemed to move faster when I broke it down this way. 
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As a long-hander, I would have no clue how to divise my work into chapters since I only started writing longer a year ago.
How do you do it?
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