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DEATH BY LATTE by Linda Gerber

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Aphra Connolly lies to her dad and flies to Seattle just to see her mother, Natalie. But Natalie can’t wait to get Aphra on the next plane home. Sure, she hadn’t told her mom she was coming, and maybe it wasn’t the best timing, but it had been four years since she’d seen her! As Natalie takes Aphra back to the airport, a phone call changes Natalie’s mind and instead of being boomeranged back home, Aphra becomes embroiled in the dangerous world of Natalie’s work as an covert ex-CIA agent.

While Natalie talks with her co-workers, Joe and Stuart, Aphra is isolated on the balcony of Natalie’s apartment, where, soon after, she meets Ryan, Natalie’s hunky neighbor, on the rooftop. But before the day is out Aphra’s boyfriend, Seth, arrives in Seattle and demands she return his ring; she witnesses Joe’s death;  she is stalked by a blond man; and she ends up stranded on a mountain top with Natalie, Seth and Stuart. Will they be able to escape whoever is trailing them? Will Seth be able to save his dad by returning the ring? And will Aphra ever be able to connect with her mother again?

DEATH BY LATTE is the type of book that causes you to forget you have cookies in the oven, or that you need to turn out the light because it’s three in the morning and you know you have to get up early. You simply won’t care. You will be so engrossed in the twists and turns of the story that you won’t want to stop reading, especially since Linda Gerber is a master at writing chapter endings that compel you to read on.

DEATH BY LATTE is Linda Gerber’s second murder mystery thriller and I cannot wait to read her other titles. My thirteen-year-old daughter read this book, insisted I read it, and asked me to buy all of her books for her birthday. What better praise can an author receive than that? I only regret that when I give Ms. Gerber’s books to my daughter, I’ll have to wait for her to read them first.

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