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 :yo I'd like to clarify something that has caused some confusion on the message board. Since this board has become so very huge and comprehensive, it's imperative that we keep "like topics" together and keep threads "on topic" so that people who are searching for answers can easily find them. The "rules" for this are very simple. When you post in a thread, stick to the topic of that thread. DO NOT insert other questions or topics that aren't indicated in the subject line of the thread. :lalala To introduce other questions and/or topics, FIRST do a quick search to see if your topic is already covered in another thread. If it is not, then START A NEW THREAD ON THE APPROPRIATE BOARD.  :whitebunny

In order to keep the board simple and easy to negotiate for everyone, if you post off the topic of a thread, your post is likely to be deleted without notice. :guns It's not a hard thing to stick to the topic, folks. If you have other things you also want to discuss, just start a new topic IF  a search of the board shows that your topic does NOT already have a discussion about it somewhere on the message board. Normally when you are typing a response to someone's post, if you have another topic you want to also discuss it's a related topic and would be on the same board, anyway, so it's a very simple thing to just post your response, then click on the NEW TOPIC button at the top of the board after you've posted your response to the other topic and ask your new question or make your new comment in your own thread.  But please, folks, do take one minute to search the board first to see if there's already a topic on your subject that you can join instead of starting another one. We don't need 6000 "How do I find an illustrator for my  picture book?" topics on the board. (The answer to that, by the way, is:  You don't. Your editor does that.)

These restrictions are necessary due to the overwhelmingly positive response from so many of you on this message board. We don't want it to become so jumbled that it's impossible for people hunting for answers to find them! :mob

Thanks for helping your Moderators, folks. :cop2 Remember, it's a very simple thing to do.  Just stick to the posted topic or start a new one of your own. :snoopy
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