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Dead Girl in Love

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The final book (#3) in the Dead Girl trilogy by Linda Joy Singleton, DEAD GIRL IN LOVE, gets 5 stars from me.
:goldstar :goldstar :goldstar :goldstar :goldstar It had a thoroughly interesting story line that kept me captivated and wondering how it would end right to the end. It was filled with drama and action, tinted with sweet young love that was threatened by an evil force. It "tied up" the series, leaving me (no spoiler here) glad I read all three of these wonderful books. (DEAD GIRL WALKING, DEAD GIRL DANCING, and DEAD GIRL IN LOVE) It was great fun reading about a girl with such a bad sense of direction that she ended up in the wrong body when she was sent back to earth (first book). In the second and third books, she is sent to other bodies on purpose - to "help" those girls. Who the three girls are, and the problems their identities cause Amber in each of the books make thoroughly delightful stories - each book as good as the previous one. No "follow-up book letdown" here! I highly recommend getting all three of these books for young teens or even yourself, if you enjoy a great story.  :cookiemonster
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Verla Kay

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