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Spider magazine & poetry questions

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First of all, does the Cricket group still buy all rights?

Second, I have a poem I think would be good for Spider. Their guidelines say 20 lines maximum. My poem is 21 lines. ::) (7 stanzas of 3 lines each.) The guidelines for Cricket say 25 lines maximum, but I think this poem is too young for the upper end of the Cricket age range. If it were you, would you send it to Spider, hoping they were flexible on the maximum, send it to Cricket and assume they could pass it to Spider if it wasn't a good fit for Cricket, or just find a different market? I'm not willing to cut lines at this point, but there sure aren't many markets for a poem this long! If anyone can think of a market that does take them that long, please let me know! Someone suggested maybe I should save it for a book of my own poetry, but I'm not sure if I'm up to writing that many more poems on similar themes.
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Alison I just so happen to have picked up 56 Spider, Cricket, Ladybug mags. that were on hold for me at our library! I've read all of them this weekend! I think that I'd send it to Cricket anyway ... it's only one line, and I've heard that they sometimes pass things along to the other publication if it seems more fitting for them.

Hope this is a little helpful, anyway. Good luck placing your poem!!

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Alison:  To answer your other question, my understanding is that they usually buy all rights, but not always.
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Alison, I've heard the same thing as Kelly. I think if you've made a few sales to them, you're in a better position to negotiate the rights for a given piece, (for Carus.) This issue has come up in a couple of chats with Carus editors. If you check Julie Messina's transcript here, on Verla's site, and search the ICL site, you'll find some the info. first hand.

As far as the poem, my opinion...if Spider's max is 20 lines, I wouldn't send them more than that. Either edit the poem down to 20, or send it to Cricket.

Good luck!
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I don't think (??) they are super stringent on the line count give or take a line or two --I've spent all weekend reading 56 copies of the 'bug mags' and there ARE a couple poems (they're like a story poem) that were 22 lines in Spider! And also some very short ones in Cricket. I think the thing I learned most from studing all these were that the man defference between these two mags were the use of sophisticated words used in Cricket poetry (about half of them) If that makes any sense.
So I'd go with the overall theme, vocabulary and tone to make your decision more than the WC.

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#5 - March 08, 2005, 11:34 AM

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HI, I have a craft to send to Spider and was wondering who to address it to with all the staff turnover.  Also, they are now at the LaSalle addy, correct?  Anyone know the editor now in charge of crafts/activities?  I went to their website and was shocked to see they still havent updated it with their new address!
#6 - March 16, 2006, 11:55 AM
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Hmm, Allison, I have sorta the same problem in that I have several poems that I was going to send to Spider and Cricket, but wasn't sure which ones should go where.  Looking on their website, I noticed they both ask subs to be sent to Submission Editor- without any specific mention of which magazine. Are they assuming we will add the appropriate magazine name? I'm thinking I will send them all to that address without mentioning which magazine I mean, and they can sort them out to where-ever.  Well, I'd like to do that. Be the easiest for me!
#7 - March 28, 2006, 08:33 AM


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