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This board has been created to help active, established members of this message board to promote interest in books. It has very strict rules as follows:

  • Children's books only, please--giveaways for adult books should be posted in All Other Good News.
  • Only authors who are Members of this board may post their contests/giveaways in this thread.
  • All book giveaways /contests MUST be posted in this thread. Contests/giveaways of books posted in other places will be deleted without notice.
  • Each contest should start a new topic, using the name of the book being promoted as the title of the topic. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS in the topic titles.
  • Contests giving away bundles of books by multiple authors, some of which are not members of this message board, should be posted here also. Use something like... "Books! (title) + More" as the topic title for book bundle contests.

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