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Omnipresent Third Person POV

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Alyia Kallen

I did a search for omnipresent but didn't get this to come up.  So if it's been spoken of before, please redirect me.  I'm in the process of writing my third fantasy novel this year and unlike my other works that either had a single or duel POV in third person, this one is omnipresent.  I used to write this way all the time and recently changed it this year when I taught myself a little more about the writing world.

However, I really want this project to work in omnipresent 3rd as the POVs I use are all very important.  One thing I am doing differently from my past omni-works is placing only one POV in each chapter.  I used to have it where one paragraph would be one person's pov and the next graph was another - but now I am trained to keep them separated.  I currently have 4 different POVs going into this work which is now over 20k.  Two are for my main characters, one is an elder and one is for one of the villains.

Is there a limit of POVs in omnipresent?  I spend most of my time with my main characters, but I wanted my readers to see and learn about the main bad guy before the one MC meets him toward the end of the book.  Is there a wrong way of doing this?  Should I limit the POVs?  I keep trying to find a way to keep it to two POVs, but the other two are just as important.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
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You might try searching under omniscient. There are a lot of threads with that term and some dealing with third person omniscient. Hope that helps!
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There's a difference between omniscient third person POV and multiple third person POV. An omniscient POV can read almost like there's a narrator telling the story over the characters' heads rather than the story seeming to be experienced inside their heads.  Which were you trying for?

In the meanwhile, try putting "omniscient POV" (inside quotes) in the search engine--as Raynbow said, there's a fair amount of discussion there.

Good luck!
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Alyia Kallen

Doh, figures I spelled it wrong.  Thanks guys  ;)
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