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Victorian Literature

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I love Victorian literature!  Several of you have mentioned some of my favorite authors already, including George Eliot and Charlotte Bronte.  If you'd like an Eliot work that is set in the 1870's with a lot of London scenes, you could try Daniel Deronda.  It's set in London quite a bit more than Middlemarch.  (I can't recall if Middlemarch has any London scenes at all.)

I've just finished reading my first two Anthony Trollope novels, Miss MacKenzie and the first Palliser novel, Can You Forgive Her?  Both were set in the 1860's and contain extensive London scenes.

All of these books are, like much of Victorian literature, very long. 

Recently I purchased a used copy of Not in Front of the Servants by Frank Victor Dawes, which explores the role of servants in England's past.  I haven't read it yet, but it looks like it might have helpful information for you, if servants figure into your story.

Have fun researching!
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