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Multiple submissions to Carus/Cobblestone

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I've got a poem I'd like to sub to Spider. However, about a month ago, I subbed a poem to Odyssey, one of Carus's Cobblestone pubs. In Carus/Cobblestone guidelines, it states that they'll pass around poems to all magazines. I'm wondering if I need to wait until I hear back from Odyssey before subbing to Spider. I'm not sure if they mean they'll pass along a poem between their various divisions, e.g., the "bug" magazines and the Cobblestone mags or only within the divisions; e.g. between Muse, Ask, and Click, say or between Spider, Cricket and ladybug, say. Any comments helpful. thanks,

#1 - March 13, 2010, 12:14 PM
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They will pass along subs within divisions, so subbing to one bug mag assures consideration in the other bug mags, but not in the Cobblestone group.
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Thanks Lenzi. I'm actually talking about subbing a different poem to Spider than the poem I subbed to Odyssey. I know my post was a little confusing, but your answer clarified the whole issue: they only pass poems along within the groups, not amongst ALL the Carus/Cobblestone publications, which is the information I was looking for. Thanks again.
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Oh, I'm sorry about that. Yes, you've got it!
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There's no sharing of subs at all between the bug magazines and the Cobblestone magazines, mostly because we do such completely different things. Also, I do have to say that in my 3 1/2 years working for the Cobblestone line, I've never seen an adult's poem published in Odyssey. And the Odyssey editor (as with most of the Cobblestone line editors) does not respond to subs if she's not going to use them, so you're not likely to hear back from her. So I wouldn't wait to sub to Spider...

#5 - March 14, 2010, 07:00 AM
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Ah, thanks Mal. I didn't realize Odyssey ONLY published children's poes; i.e., poems written BY children. I must have missed that in the guidelines. That's good to know!

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