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how do you mark a thread?
#1 - March 17, 2010, 11:57 PM

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If you post in a thread, then the next time you come to the board you can click on the link at the top of the board that says, "Show New Replies to Your Posts" and that thread will show up every time you visit the board if a new post has been made in the thread.

If you don't see this link at the top of your message board, click on the PLUS + sign at the left of the HOME button on the top of the board. That will turn ON the top header of the board for you where you will find this link and another extremely helpful link, "Show Unread Posts Since Last Visit."  If you aren't using these two links, you are missing a tremendously helpful timesaver on the board

Notifications have been turned OFF on this board, because there doesn't seem to be any way to set up the board to keep copies of ALL notifications from coming to my private email as well as the person who requested it. Multiply notification notices sent out by over 2800 members of this message board and you will quickly understand why that feature has been turned off!

If you are asking how you mark a thread as "read," there's a Mark As Read button at the top and bottom of the two links above. When you go to them, you will see it. WARNING! This button marks EVERYTHING ON THE MESSAGE BOARD AS READ! So don't click on it until you are sure there's no new posts left that you want to read.

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