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What Rights remain if pub closes?

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Years ago I sold an article to GP4K, which published it in an online issue. GP4K has been out of business for awhile now, and no traces of the mag or the articles in it remain online. I've freshened up the article and would like to submit it. What rights remain? Since the article is updated, although substantially the same, do I still have all rights to sell? Or are electronic rights gone?

Thanks! Ohio Kate
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Assuming that publisher bought only First Rights, I think you could sell all other rights. Lots of places will publish reprints.  And First Rights can be First Rights North America, etc., so if it was that and you sell elsewhere, I think you could sell First Rights Elsewhere.    :goodluck
#2 - August 09, 2010, 12:06 PM

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I looked back on a poem I sold to GP4K, and have noted that they bought all electronic rights and non-exclusive reprint rights. So electronic re-sell is gone. I could sell it again to a print publisher (reprint rights).
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Thank you Ann and Cindy! I can't find my contract, Cindy, so glad you are more organized! I had heard talk about the rights reverting to the authors/illustrators once GP4K closed, but nothing apparently came of it.

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