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the "creep" factor

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Elizabeth. . . . Sounds like I won't sleep for months!!!  Thanks for the suggestions!  

I've never read anything from the Goosebump series.  What do folks think of those books in terms of creep factor?

Also, for younger readers, I recently read The Witches of Worm, which I believe was first published in the '70s.  Involves a cat that may or may not be evil, and a teen girl (who of course has a semi-absent mother, and lives in an apartment building atop a dangerous cliff with crashing waves and jagged rocks below) who adopts it.  While it wasn't entirely my cup of tea in the end, it had all the trappings of creepy that Elizabeth describes.  Interestingly, it was shelved in the MG section of my library.  I felt it more YA, simply because of the creep factor.

Never really read the Goosebump books. 

I kid you all not, but since I've posed this question there have been BIZARRE noises in my house.  As if the local spirits know the question I've posed to you and are giving me a dose of what the creep factor really means.


I'm going to be dealing with creepy muses all night long.  And DH is gone.  Fan-freaky-tastic.

Jenna. . . that title sounds very familiar.  I will pick it up.  Thanks!

I was also thinking about Dynamite Magazine -- anyone remember that publication??  Well, in 1980 Dynamite put out a book of ghost stories and haunted houses.  Scared the CRAP out of me as an 8/9/10 year old.  I want to get my hands on a copy of that book and figure out what it was that scared me so much!

Kit Forbes:
Last night I finished Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell. It had an awesome subtle creep factor as the story wore on. The main character is 14 (the cover girl looks older to me).

I think I read all the Goosebumps back they first came out (bought them for the kids, honest  :yup). I think there were some really creepy cool ones but I can't for the life of me remember which ones.


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