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Hi guys- newbie here- not sure if I posted this in the right place, my apologies if it isn't!

I'm an amateur illustrator and was recently commissioned by a relative to do 30 pages of illustrations for a foreign language textbook. They want to pay me the market rate, problem is I've never done this before and have no idea how to charge them. There are roughly anywhere from 4-12 cartoons on each page, and some more detailed full page illustrations depicting a scene in a park, office etc. I'm doing it in greyscale with a sort of watercolour shading effect using Photoshop. What would you guys usually charge for that kind of work? Do you go by per page or per hour? (Of course, I'm an amateur and would be charging less than whatever others usually charge). Finally, I'm doing this as a part time job of sorts (so I usually spend 3 full days per week working on it). How long would a job like that usually take for those doing it fulltime?

Many thanks in advance!
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Right now the typical rate for projects- range from  1/4 page- $100-250 1/2 page- $250-500 and full page or spread-( 2 pages) $500-1000
you mentioned cartoons- have no idea on that- would be faster- so less-
black and white is also less- small spots in B and W- might do it for $30-50
much less that and your work wont be valued!
you might look through the Artist and Graphic Designers Market- 2011 just came out and many of the publishers quote what they pay- also there is the Graphic Artists Guild pricing book- but usually what they quote is the high end-
how long does it take you to do one of the cartoon illlustrations-  take a hourly amount for your area- you can live with and then do some math- remember that you are not getting paid for the discussion, change of mind, unsatified-ness relatives or friends will put on you- or the time to do roughs- factor all those in- thirty is a lot- if they are not qucik- and get a contract!  maybe that mistake once- wont do it again!!
Be careful things can get sticky very fast-
also who owns the origionals and the copyrights-
Illustrators are not generally paid for the time it takes them to do their work- they get paid for the "right to print their images"
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They want to pay you "market rate" means they must have some idea of what they are willing to pay. Ask them what their budget for the book is and keep that in mind.

Market rate for illustration is all over the place. Basically, what you are selling to the company is the rights to use your art in their project. Ask them what rights they want. Small publishers and educational publishers generally pay less than big publishers for the same rights.

If they want to buy all rights (which means you can't do anything with the art ever again -- it becomes theirs) the cost is usually more than if they only want first time print rights. Generally speaking the more rights purchased the higher the cost for the art.

Black and white spot art is less expensive than a full color spread.

Most importantly DO NOT UNDER VALUE YOURSELF. Even if you are just starting out, they are paying you, which is what separates an amateur from a professional. The minute you get paid for your work you have become a professional. Act like one so you will be treated like one.

Another place to get an idea on pricing is through the Graphic Artist Guild. They have a book called Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. It is well worth the cost as it has pricing for various types of jobs as well as advice on professional behavior and sample contracts.

Yup, you'll need a contract. Part of being a professional. It also makes sure both parties are clear on what is expected of each party for this job.
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Thanks heaps guys!!
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