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Drama Club suggestions please

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Hey BBers,

I'm heading up the Drama Club at my son's school, and I'm looking for suggestions for our spring production. The students are 5-8th graders, and we're looking for something non-musical that would run about an hour onstage.
If anyone has any thoughts on where to order scripts, or a particularly fun show for middle schoolers, I'd love to hear them!
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There's a book called "Acting Out" that has six one act plays by Sharon Creech, Katherine Patterson, Richard Peck, Avi, Susan Cooper and Patricia Maclachlan (sp?)

They're all appropriate for the age-range, and they're a lot of fun.......
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Thanks Deirdre!
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I published a play with this place while I was still in high school - thank goodness it's out of print now  :embarrassed2. A lot of their scripts are seriously silly, but there are tons to choose from and they do publish for middle schools. Have fun!

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Poster Plus
The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois  ( has an excellent catalog of basic plays for young actors.  (Their catalog is not limited to youth plays, however.)  Our community theatre has done several of them; I've directed two or three of them, they are good acting editions that are easy to stage; lots of classics, good adaptations of well known stories, etc.  They have a good selection of titles.
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