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I sent an article to a nature magazine in Nov 2010. How long should i wait to get an answer from them? Can i send the article to other publications when i am waiting?   

Any help would be great! Thanks!
#1 - February 15, 2011, 09:12 PM

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Check their listing, Deborah. They should say how long before you can expect a response. It's only been three months, and in publishing time, that's a fairly short amount of time for a submission. Average is 4 to 6 months for most places, and sometimes it can go a year or longer before you hear back. But their guidelines should give you an average time. However many months they say, wait one or two more months before asking them what the status of your manuscript is. (In other words, before you send them a status query.)

If their guidelines say they allow multiple or simultaneous submissions, then you can send it elsewhere, too, but it's accepted courtesy to let them know you are also sending it somewhere else, so if you didn't say that in your cover letter with the submission, you should send them a note reminding them of the name of the story, when you sent it, and let them know that now it's going out to other places, too.

Good luck! And just so you know... waiting IS the pits! :waiting
#2 - February 15, 2011, 09:51 PM
Verla Kay

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What Verla said.

Although I do simultaneous subs for book manuscripts, I don't do them for magazines.  I've had a magazine publish a poem of mine without checking with me to see if it was still available.  The publication was a good many months after their stated response time.  I got no advance warning--just a copy of the magazine, a check, and a congratulations letter.  I had assumed that their no response was a rejection and was getting ready to sub the piece elsewhere.  Fortunately, I hadn't already.

I've heard similar stories from several other authors.  So my advice is to follow what Verla said--don't do simultaneous subs unless you tell them.

Best wishes to you.  I hope you hear soon.
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