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Anyone Like Scrabble?

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I am hosting another table quiz with John tomorrow and we are trying to come up a few general knowledge questions.  One I thought might be "what would be highest score obtained on a Scrabble Board with the word 'quiz'?  Trouble is: I can't remember the answer.
Can some-one help and maybe suggest some other 'word' questions?
Thanks :thinktoohard:
#1 - February 20, 2011, 07:56 AM

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Q and Z are worth 10 pts each. U and I are 1 pts each. QUIZ is worth 22 pts at face value, but on the triple word tile, it's worth 66 pts., but can be worth more, if you added to another word that's already on the board.  Now,... if you use all 7 tiles up on one turn, you get a bonus of 50 pts. Say you place ZOMBIES (all seven tiles used for one word, and adding S to another word already on the board), that's 20 pts face value, but on a triple word tile, that's 60 pts,... plus 50 pts for the bonus... so that's 110 points for ZOMBIES... plus the face value of the other word you added on to... which can really range.

Hm... you can ask what are all the 10 pt tiles. Q, Z, J and X.  But that's kind of easy.

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I love Scrabble, though I play it maybe once a year, and I think one of the things that drives me absolutely nuts is when people misuse their S and their blank tile. You just DON'T use an "s" that occurs normally in a word like sit or use or whatever. You obviously must use it to pluralize a word that is currently on the board while creating a new word, thus giving you points for both words. And I don't think I've lose a game of Scrabble in forever because my main goal is to use all 7 letters in one turn. If you can do that, you get 50 points on top of whatever points you get for that turn, and pretty much insure that you've won the game. I like to draw blood when I play Scrabble. Hee.

Anyway, maybe you can look this up online, but I always wondered what the highest recorded score every was in a Scrabble Tournament.  Or...What two letters are worth 8 points? 10 points? What is the only letter worth 5 points? What is the point value of a certain word? What letter has the most tiles? How many letters have only one tile? How many blank tiles are there?... ooh, this is fun!
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The highest single play was 392 for CAZIQUES (in a SOWPODS tournament).  There are more records on the Wikipedia page.

For some cool video, search OXYPHENBUTAZONE YouTube and see what you find.
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Thanks, as ever.
I thought perhaps, considering it is a quiz, I should ask: on the scrabble board, what is highest score obtained using the letters Q U I Z?  But I am not certain how I can phrase it.  Any help?
PS: I think the answer is 96.
#5 - February 20, 2011, 10:59 AM

Can anyone tell me the highest achievable score of QUIZ in Scrabble is?  I think it is 126, but I am not sure because I don't have a Scrabble board anymore.
I got that by Q10xtriple letter + U1 + I1 + Z10 x 10total word.
Any one else help me?
#6 - May 17, 2011, 07:26 AM


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