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Illustrating with photography

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Hi, friends!  Those of you who've known me for a while might remember that I have a photographer sister who I feel (totally unbiased here, of course) is a Superstar! 

She's had some success commercially this past year, but I've been trying to also get her interested in illustrating for kids just for the joy of it.  I was thinking along the lines of Jill Krementz or even that guy with the deer book (yeah, I guess I should look that up--the self-pubbed wildlife in the snow book).  She's not a writer, necessarily, but she loves children's books and has been a school librarian in the past.

Any suggestions or ideas, illustrators?  I'd love to see her enter for a critique at NY SCBWI, for instance, but I don't know if that's even done with photography.

Here's a blog post she did today with two photos which I think particularly shows her skill in illustration:
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Photography is a whole different realm than illustration- and mostly used- 95% in nonfiction and education- not much fiction as in picturebooks- other then concept possibly- but that is mostly contracted out by  publishers- I do believe there is a photographers market book just like there is a artist, graphic designers market that comes out every year-
I have never seen a photographers portfiolio in any portfolios reveiws at conferences-
if she is talented at photography- sure she probaly has the design skill to be a visual artist- but again the illustration is more then just that.
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Yep, I realize that photography does not equal illustration.  I guess what I'm saying is that I believe she has a nice illustrative style to her photography, and I'd love to help her explore that. 

She has a photographer's market, but I thought I'd see what I could find out for her about steering her toward being a photographer-illustrator, possibly doing her own author-illustrated manuscript (such as Arlene Alda's ABC or Jill Krementz's A Very Young ____ series, or the nature-deer-guy).

I think if she had some resources to look at about learning to be more illustrative--what goes in a portfolio, etc.--she might be interested.  That's all.  Anyone know of a good place to start?
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I think you have to find a publisher or agent that is into that kind of work, which will be difficult because it seems like a niche market.
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Those are beautiful photos, Jaina! So adorable.

Looks to me like she should study all the books you mentioned. On Arlene Alda's site, there are a whole bunch of these types of books.

I think it's story structure and technical things she might need more help with. Maybe read some books about the rules governing pb's.

I'm not an illustrator though.

Good luck to her. What a fun adventure.
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