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Submitting to agents as writer/illustrator

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Hi Guys,

I have started submitting to literary agents who are seeking writer/illustrators. I am confused about how long is normal for a response. Since we (generally) submit our entire story, maybe an illustration sample and a link to the portfolio, should we get a faster response because everything is right there? No need to request  partials or fulls? The stats on querytracker and here on the board are very helpful but I am a little confused since this type of submission seems to be more than a query but less than a request for a full.

Anyone have examples of how long it took an agent to respond with an offer of rep?

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Response times vary greatly. You could hear in a couple days or a week, or it could be 6 weeks. It depends on the agent's workload, if they are away at a conference, if they consult with their co-agents before offering...sometimes they put stuff in a maybe pile and look at it again after a few days to see if they still like it.

I would still take the response times on the boards as a good estimate. A query for a novel more often than not includes 5-10 sample pages, so it's just as much to review as an author/illustrator submission.
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I've had responses to book manuscript with illos anywhere from less than 24 hours to more than 8 months.

The average time seems to be between 4-6 weeks for a reply that wasn't an automated "we got your submission" type email.

I once waited so long on a submission that I forgot about it. It was 2 years from the time of submission before I heard back.  :oi but that was an exception.
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Just to clarify- and I might be reading your question wrong- but you dont nor do they want you to send an entirely finished- as in all 32 pages finished illustrations- the dummy can be rough and send a few finished illustrations- And even though you are laying out the whole dummy- it can and will probably change- an agent is likely to send back quite a few notes, just as they would on a longer manuscript.
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Thanks for the replies, I'll just have to learn more patience. ;)

Julie: yep, I know the dummy rules. But, thanks for the reminder. :)
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