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illustrator's postcards to magazines--what to write on there??

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Hi! I already sent out illustration packages to magazines a few months ago and am about to update with a postcard mailing. Do any illustrators know what (if anything) I should write inside and how (handwritten or??). Or should I just leave it blank? (My name, website and contact info are already printined on them.)

Many thanks! :rainbow
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Interesting question!  It's probably fine to just leave them blank if your website and contact info is printed on them, but it you have the name of a specific editor or art director, maybe one or two handwritten sentences would be nice.  Something along the lines of, "Hope you enjoyed the samples I sent in [x month].  Please keep me in mind for future assignments at [y magazine].  Best!"
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I hand write addresses on my postcards-- might catch the AD's eye- and if it is a holiday- I might write "Happy Holidays" or " enjoy your summer" etc.
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Thank you both for those helpful replies! That is exactly what I'll do... I had also thought that a personal handwritten note would be more personable, so thanks for confirming that. Great minds think alike :thankyou
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