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Max Quick- The Pocket and The Pendant

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The Story- Max Quick is an orphan with amnesia. He lives in a home for wayward boys, due to his pick pocketing ways. During an eclipse he is surprised to find the world frozen in time. Only a few other children besides himself are able to move around. One of these kids, Casey, teams up with Max to help solve the frozen time problem. Together they face strange beings in flying pyramids who seem to know the truth about Max's mysterious unaging past. Our hero will only be able to save the world when he discovers a lost pendant with special powers.

My Thoughts- I enjoyed reading this book. Right from the get go I was intrigued by Max, a boy with scars and re healed broken bones, a boy with no memory, a boy who doesn't seem to age. Finding out who or what he was pulled me through the book.

The story itself follows a good arc and the characters are interesting. I especially like the idea of being pulled through space by words in a book. (You'll have to read to see.) It is appropriate for its age group, with little violence, mostly kids fighting kids, and no bad language. Kids will love to follow along with the mystery and enjoy reading about kids with superpowers living alone in a world where adults are frozen.

SPOILER** The only thing that bugged me was that the mystery of Max is not solved. A few clues are given, but we never find out why this boy, who has done something so hideous in his past, that he allows himself to have amnesia, is barely aging. I really wanted the mystery fully solved. However, I tweeted the author and it turns out there is a book 2 and perhaps a third. Hopefully, my curiosity will be filled.
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