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Troubletwisters is by Garth Nix and Sean Williams, published by Scholastic Press, 2011. This is an upper middle grade book with 293 pages.

The Story- Twins Jaide and Jack Shield get the surprise of their lives when they are shipped off to live with Grandma X, someone they didn't even know existed. While there strange things begin to happen; insects chase them, stormy weather haunts them, and their grandma's pet cat seems to understand them.

Things grow desperate when they try to run away and escape all the weirdness. Soon they are in a battle for their lives, using powers they didn't know they had, and fighting against evil. As they discover their family's ancient ancestry, they gain clues about their future, and chose whose side they want to be on.

My thoughts- I enjoy fantasy of all kinds, and this book fits the bill. I love stories about normal kids finding out they have powers. The authors do a good job of taking an old archetype and making it fresh with the use of weather, sunlight and darkness. There are tons of clues throughout the book that are not resolved until the ending, which kept me reading straight to the finish. There is no bad language, but there is some fantasy violence, though not gory and a subplot of possession. I'll definitely be looking forward to book 2 in the series.
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