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Words in the Dust, Trent Reedy

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Just finished this book. Fabulous! It's based on some real events the author experienced while on duty in Afghanistan. Such a different culture. I though Reedy did a great job of making it understandable and looking out from the inside, instead of making it seem weird from an American perspective. All the good and bad mixed up together made it real. (And sad. People just like us who have had to live in such war for so long--and why do we get to have such peace?)

The story: Zuleika has a cleft lip, and one day catches the eye of some US soldiers who offer to surgically correct it for free. But there's a lot more in there, too, about her sister getting married, and her family dynamics, and how the past was for Afghani women, and what the future might hold.

A number of years ago I read a biography of an Afghani woman named Meena who was assassinated for teaching people to read, and I've never been able to get her out of my mind. There's a reading woman in this book named Meena, too--I wonder if she was named for the real one. Like the other book, this one is one that makes you want to DO something. I highly recommend it!
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This book is amazing--so powerful. It's hopeful and heart-wrenching at the same time.

Trent was recently featured on Al Roker's Book Club with The Today Show. Here's a link:

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FLYING THE DRAGON (Charlesbridge, 2012)
A LONG PITCH HOME (Charlesbridge, 2016)


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