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The Accidental hero by Matt Myklusch

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Today's book review is The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch. It is and upper middle grade novel published by Aladdin and ends at 470 pages. It looks like it was previously published under the name, Jack Blank and The Imagine Nation. But, it has just been re released by Aladdin.

The Story- Young Jack Blank doesn't know who he is. All he knows is that he was abandoned as a baby and now lives at (I love this name) St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten and Lost.
 Jack consols himself with a pile of comic books that he keeps hidden in the library. He knows their stories by heart. One day, when the rest of the school leaves on a field trip, Jack is attack by a creature from his comics. His adventures begin when he is taken to Imagine Nation island, meets the real heroes of his comics and develops super powers himself. He's just in time to help save the world from evil alien robots and learn for himself who he really is.

My Thoughts-I liked this book. The mystery of who Jack Blank really is pulls you through the entire story. And interestingly enough, when you get to the end, the author has done such a good job developing Jack's character, that you no longer really care who his parents were. I really think young readers will like this book, especially boys. It is full of action, mystery, robots and comic books. The other characters are also developed well. The author takes you into each of the sub character's worlds and lets you get a feel for where they're coming from. It makes you much more emotionally invested when Jack has to make a final and fatal decision at the end. I was excited to get to the end and find out there's going to be a series. This book doesn't leave you hanging though, it wraps up its story before the end.
For Parents- Perfect for ages 8-12. It does contain some violence, mostly fighting robots. There is no bad language or inappropriate scenes.
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