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Why do kids aged 5 to 12 get bored?

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I don't think it's fair to say that kids get bored more than teens or adults. Even when I'm "bored" and turn to Hulu or mindless Internet searching, it's not even that I'm actually bored--I can think of tons of things to do, like homework or writing or going to a museum or whatever the case may be, but I'm lazy, or I have a mental block, or it's raining outside, or I don't have any money, or my friends are all at work, or whatever. Chalking it up to boredom is kind of diminishing the fact that the reason we don't do things is usually based more on emotional or mental blockages than from just not having the creativity to come up with something to do. If that makes sense.
#31 - September 23, 2011, 06:27 PM

We are an Instant Gratification kind of society. If that instant gratification is delayed, some of us have learned (from past experience or the way we've been brought up) to turn to other things. We do it automatically, and so we're never bored.

As parents, I think we sometimes fall into the trap of keeping our kids completely gratified (bec it stops the complaining). With ipods, ipads, vid games, social networks, an abundance of toys, TVs, friends, etc. they never have the opportunity to experience boredom, so they never get to figure a way out of it.

When my teen says she's bored, I tell her nicely, "It's not my problem." She looks at me and rolls those eyes, but in a couple of minutes, she's off doing something--and that something usually surprises me. Yes, she may do creative stuff like play the piano or draw, but once I caught her organizing her room. (*faint*) My theory is: If I give her all the answers, how will she ever learn to be productive (aka NOT bored) when I'm not around?

Wait...the answer to your question is "b" for all ages, toddler to teen.
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