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I've been adapting my MG novel to the graphic novel format and wondering what format editors want as there doesn't seem to be a standard.  Each manuscript page equals a GN page which I think is a good idea, but other than that I'm wondering about the rest of the format.  I have a couple of books on writing graphic novels and they each show different formats.  Anyone know what format a MG editor might prefer?  (I'm simply doing page number, and a number for the panel with dialogue, if any, below the description of the picture.)
Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
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There isn't a standard for GNs in children's books right now. Some are formatted similar to screenplays. What you're doing sounds fine, as long as all the info needed is there, written in a straightforward and readable manner. You might also check out the formatting guidelines of publishers that do print GNs for kids, like FirstSecond, Random House, and Scholastic. Good luck!
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Thanks Ani!  I'll check out the publishers you mentioned. 
Oh, I'm going to Comic-con in NYC on Friday to soak up the energy and have fun, but it doesn't look like there's that much about GN happening there.  Still, it should be fun.
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