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Does anyone know if REAL Canadian Kids Magazine is still publishing?  Their facebook page/website hasn't been updated in a long while.   Has anyone worked with them?  What were your experiences?   
#1 - October 24, 2011, 01:53 PM

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They published a poem of mine about a year ago. In my acceptance email, the editor said they usually try to publish Canadian authors first--I'm not Canadian, so they do consider subs from other countries. The poem was published about seven months after acceptance. Hope that helps!

#2 - October 24, 2011, 02:47 PM
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I wrote a story for them about a year ago; I can't remember exactly, but feel like it was a few weeks/months after the issue that I got my copies and payment. I think it's a pretty small, hands-on, sort of magazine - hope she can make a go of it!
#3 - October 29, 2011, 02:08 PM
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