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Any nurses out there? I have a character who is having her baby 8 weeks early. The baby is going to be ok, and I know that some premies do just fine born that early, but I'm wondering if anyone knows about procedure in the hospital? She's in labor after having her water break due to complications, and I'm wondering if they'd do an amnio to check for lung maturity and if that result would come back quicky. I've done research but a lot is conflicting because it so depends on the situation. I can do a soft focus on the details if I need to because it's a minor plot, but I'd like her to get the amnio, then go ahead with the pitocin to continue labor (because of the water breaking) And I'm wondering if that's feasible.

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Not a nurse, but if her "waters have broken" that means the amnion is ruptured and the amniotic fluid is leaking out -- doesn't seem to be any point in sampling the fluid via a needle draw. I had a diagnostic amnio well before labor, though, so I suppose it's possible. Consult an obstetrics/perinatal textbook if a nurse doesn't get back to you.
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My water broke at 34 weeks due to group B strep amnionitis and I very definitely got pitocin.  I have no idea about the amnio test, however.

Of course, this was 17 years ago.  She did have RDS and pneumonia and eventually got surfactant in the NICU, which at that point was experimental.

So I guess I'm not really being very helpful!
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Robin, my dad is a neonatologist. Email this to me, and I'll forward to him. :)
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I'm not a nurse, but even when the water breaks, sometimes, they take a sterile sample to check for infection or toxins. This happened to my friend whose water broke at 26 weeks. Baby was born prematurely, but they discovered she had a massive infection. Baby was treated immediately. Luckily, the baby boy survived and is now a strapping 13-yr-old.

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Thank you all so much for your answers - it helps tremendously!
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I went into the hospital with complications while the baby was 10 weeks early.  They did not give me another amnio, they just went ahead and administered the shots to speed up lung maturity. 
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