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In June I'll be speaking at WIFYR about social networking and online marketing for writers/illustrators, and I'm thinking about putting together a list of links to sites/blogs that have posted tips about social networking or marketing so attendees can go home and do more in-depth research if they're interested. I have a list of my favorites, but I'm sure I've missed some great links.  If you know of any, would you mind sharing them here?  Links can be entire sites dedicated to marketing, or just one really great blog post from a writer/illustrator/agent/editor/some other awesome person.  If you know of a book title, too, I'd love suggestions for those.

I'm also mulling over the idea of sharing info about a few writers/illustrators who are great at social networking/marketing so attendees can see some real-life examples.  So if you'd like to send a shout-out about someone who does social networking well (or seems to have sweet marketing campaign ideas), feel free to share that as well.  (Again, I have a list, but I know I don't know everyone.)

Thank you!

FYI, my presentation is for writers at every stage of the publication process, so hit me with whatever you've got.  Especially for tips/people who illustrate or write picture books or YA, because I'm afraid I don't pay as close attention to things outside my MG world and I don't want this to turn into a Social Networking for MG Writers presentation! :grin
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Tricia Lawrence, one of the associates at EM Literary, was originally brought on board as a social media consultant. Here's her website:

What is WIFYR?
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Thank, ecb.

WIFYR is the week-long Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers conference held in Utah each year.
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Market My Words by Shelli Johannes is a great one.
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The GILDED series (Skyscape/ACP)
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Katie Davis' blog and podcast often cover marketing and promotion ideas, and she's just published an ebook on the same subject that's relatively inexpensive.  ,  if that's of any help.
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Thomas Jefferson & the Mammoth Hunt 2018
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Magic for Sale,  2017
Pia Piratissima 2014
Victricia Malicia, 2012

Thanks, everyone.  Some of these I knew, others I didn't.  I'm still looking for more, by the way....
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