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The Maji Moto Road in Kenya

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Hi all you brilliant Blue Boarders!  I am researching a setting and need some help.  The Maji Moto Road running south to the Masai Mara in Kenya.  I have been to Kenya multiple times and believe I was actually on that road at one point, but it was a long time ago.  I cannot remember what I would have seen out a car window, and in any event, the view may have changed.  Has anyone been on safari recently?  I think that leaving Nairobi, the safari would head west, and then south on the Maji Moto.  If so, what did you see out the window in terms of terrain?  Hills?  Savannah?  changing scenery?  I've been on google earth both on my home computer and the library, but I'm not getting the kind of detail I'm looking for.  Any help will be much appreciated!  Thanks!
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I've had luck with similar exercises going through -- at least you'll see some great photos:

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In Real Life, Tuttle Publishing, Fall 2014

Would it help to go to YouTube?  I just put in "maji moto" and found quite a few videos.  I sometimes do this if I can't go to a particular place but want to feel like I'm there.
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Thanks so much!  Corbis looks like a great resource and I will definitely check out YouTube!
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Oh, what memories! I can't say I remember the road until you're already kind of entering the park, and then it just seems like things break away to savanna, and you see ahead of you those big wooden doors that swing open to let your jeep in.
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Yes Hannah !  I remember that part too!  I just can't think what I was doing from Nairobi to the gate... 
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