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Illustrator quarterly post cards in this digital age?

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Hi all,

  As it's the time of year for another quarterly illustrator post card  mailing to art directors and editors, I realize, some of the most recent AD's and editors who have bookmarked my website, have also welcomed me to send them updates every now and then.   So I'm wondering - what are most illustrators submitting as quarterly updates to AD's and editors who accept submissions electronically only?   Do you just send a brief note with a link to your website?  Do you send an image of your postcard as a jpeg?  Other options or ideas out there?
  I'm thinking - this may even vary from house to house? 
  Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the subject... 
#1 - November 12, 2012, 10:14 AM

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 :whitebunny I always check the web site first to see if there has been a change in delivery preference. Many houses have opted to go green and no longer accept paper mail. Others are still not open to electronic submissions or updates.

I send a postcard to the ones open to paper mail, I think a postcard has a greater impact and is tangible - it might even become a bulletin board pin. In the other cases, I have a pdf promo sheet with several recent images that I attach in an email with my contact info and a web portfolio link. In recent mailings I've also included a QRC code for those people with that capability.

I think the best thing is to set up a plan that's consistent in timing. Conventional wisdom is a mailing every 3-4 months.
#2 - November 13, 2012, 07:21 AM
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I still send postcards 3-4 times per year. I've found that for me, they are the single most effective way for me to get new work and new clients. I also try to send special cards/posters to a select portion of my mailing list during the holiday season.
#3 - November 20, 2012, 07:19 PM

Per the last AD Intensive I recently attended:

Most people send postcards three or four times a year. The eds and ADs pin up the ones they like. That way they can always see your image(s) in front of them. No need for messages on the back of the card.

I will be sending postcards more often to these ADs tho with color images from a story dummy I am revising... maybe monthly if I can get my act together.  The ADs make it very clear what art they love and want to see more of, what to revise and what they are not interested in. Your job is to remember who likes what.

I am also sending out my first Christmassy postcard in December which happens to be a character in a non-Christmassy pb dummy I am working on.

In terms of color or b/w sample submissions, it does vary from house to house.

#4 - November 21, 2012, 05:03 AM
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I don't know of any AD's that do NOT accept snail mailed postcards. I still think it's best to send a physical promo, in postcard format, rather then in an email, even when the AD and/or Editor is open to email submissions. Certainly they can/will bookmark an Illustrators website, from a link to it provided in an email submission but how MANY do they have bookmarked? A LOT and like all of us, you forget after a while who did what style etc, especially with so much art coming in on a daily basis. A postcard, as others mention, is in your hands, you can pin it up, you can easily show others, others coming into the AD's cubical see it too. It's a reminder OF the other email samples you may have sent through out the year.
At least 2 times a year, it would be best, in my op, to send a physical postcard. The rest of the time, an email might be fine with keeping an AD updated on new work. Also, it use to be the only way to promote was to mail. Now it may be that they get fewer postcards coming in, good for those of us still sending them out:)
#5 - November 22, 2012, 01:30 AM
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