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Where do you get medical information?

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I have never taken antidepressants so I have no idea the 'feeling' while in them. One of MC (16 years old)  is put on medication temporarily and I want to be accurate in describing the 'feeling' they get while on them. I'm more interested on the negative side effects than the positives. Does anyone have a website or a place where they look this information up?
#1 - December 18, 2012, 06:27 AM

There is a great Gale database: "Health and Wellness Resource Center." Check your library website to see if they subscribe to it.
#2 - December 18, 2012, 09:53 AM
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And keep in mind that not everybody will have the same side-effects, which is nice, because you can tailor the symptoms/side-effects to fit the plot ...

A pharmacist could come in very handy.

You might also try interviewing people. For instance, I took an anti-depressant for two months (for migraines) but they made me depressed. Clearly this was not a good preventative for me.

Good luck,
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I'd talk to a physician if you can - and you can find articles (well, the abstract anyway) on Use the "PubMed Quick Start Guide" link for tips on how to search. It's a great resource
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People ask pharmacists those kinds of questions all the time.  You might try calling a local pharmacy.

Off topic, but I've always been surprised by how open people are with their medical questions at the grocery store or the Christmas party or wherever. I've been standing next to my husband numerous times while people offer to show him the rash or describe their symptoms in detail.  :lalala:
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