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Presidential Pieces for Highlights

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Has anyone here written a presidential/patriotic piece for Highlights?  It is listed in their current needs. I've read a few Highlight's for research but have never come across one of these pieces. I would like to research and write one, but I wanted to get an idea of what it is they are looking for. Is it more of one anecdote from a president's life. Or maybe a couple anecdotes tied into how those stories helped later in life, or more of an overview as to why he is important, or something he did as president?  I am just looking for a little direction before diving into research.

Any advice?

In addition to that question, who would I get to do an expert review for me? I feel like it might be hard to find a historian specializing in that president to give me the time of day for an article from an unknown writer for a children's magazine.
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This was a while ago, but Barbara Kerley wrote a wonderful article in the April 2006 issue called, "Josiah, the White House Badger." It's about President Theodore Roosevelt's interest in conservation, his love of animals and, in particular, a badger given to him by a little girl. If you can get your hands on it, do. It's a brilliant example of writing narrative nonfiction, using primary resources, narrowing your focus, and choosing a topic that appeals to kids.
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I see that type of article in HL from time to time; one that comes to mind is Abraham Lincoln and a little girl who wrote him a letter, asking him to grow a beard to improve his appearance. If you go to a library and check back issues, you should be able to find several--or check a library database like ProQuest and scan back issues that way.

And about your other question; sorry, I don't have an answer. I have an idea for a presidential article myself, and have wondered how I would get an expert to review it. But why not try? You'd think, if someone specializes in one of the presidents, that they'd be interested in making sure everything printed about their subject (even in a kids' magazine) is accurate...
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Thanks guys, tat article did help. Now I just have to find the right story.  And Sara, you are right. I must remember that people like to talk about what they know.

Any ideas for getting your hands on great primary resources?
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Many presidents' papers are online. For example, Washington's are digitized at the Library of Congress. A quick google search for the president's name and the word "papers" should turn them up. Also, many autobiographies are published, for example Benjamin Franklin's famous autobiography.

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