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Tools of Change for Publishing in Bologna:
The early bird deadline has passed
But SCBWI members can now receive a 25% discount off of the exhibitor and non-exhibitor rates

Email AngelaCerrito AT Yahoo DOT com for coupon codes (please state your name and SCBWI Region)

(Note: The discount does not apply to the already discounted rate for illustrators, librarians, teachers and students)

The TOC (Tools of Change for publishing) Conference takes place before the Bologna Children's Book fair next month. Here is the link for more information:

there is a discount rate for Students, Teachers, Librarians & Illustrators

I've attended TOC conferences in the past and really enjoyed them. If you've attended in the US you will find that the Bologna version is much smaller and more personal --- there was chance to mingle with all presenters over refreshments and all breakout sessions were very small - 15 - 20 participants....imagine beign able to brainstorm your project with 'the expert' in an informal, very friendly setting.

If you are going to the Bologna Childrens Book fair, this year or in the future, consider attending!
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I'd make a deal with the devil himself to go to TOC, Angela!  :cry2
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