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Anyone with a recent pinewood derby winner kid?

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My newest NF WIP is about the pinewood derby. I already have an editors interest and I am looking for some recent derby winners. I have already had some help me out and THANK YOU! but I need a few more. I would like to get a little information about them(name, age, troop #, year they raced, where, when, what place did they win-that type of stuff). Can anyone help me out?

PM me or send me an email schriscoe @ yahoo dot com

#1 - February 27, 2013, 11:30 AM
Vehicle Dreams Series-RPKids '16 -'18
(Fire Truck, Bulldozer, Race Car)
Rainy Day Picnic-Read Your Story '18
The Sparrow and The Trees- Arbordale '15


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