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paying models?

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I've got a new book rattling around in my head. For the illustrations for this one, I'm going to need a model to photograph. I'll just need one boy. Has anyone worked w/ a model, & what is the going rate to pay them? Any thoughts appreciated!
#1 - March 29, 2013, 07:33 AM

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If there's a talent agency in your area, you might call to find out what it costs.

What about hiring a teen guy who is not a professional model who might pose just for the fun of being on a cover? Or for a small amount of $?

#2 - March 29, 2013, 08:33 AM

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Rates can vary, from about $20/hr and up for a model.  Plus flat fee depending on what rights you purchase per your contract with the model.  If underage, you should also get the parent's or guardian's approval.  If you go through an agency, they'll have a contract drawn up, otherwise there's a standard modelling contract for illustrators somewhere on the internets (if you don't have the business for illustration book).

At one company where I worked as graphic designer years ago, the hand model we worked with through a modeling agency was paid from $300-500 per session for the product shoot (stickers, posters, and other children's products) -- her hands were beautiful, very elegant!  The photographer took multiple photos for the product (application process and so on) and the fee included all rights to the photos but only as related to the product, no resale (we had the option to use them as reference props for future illustration work as needed).  That fee did not include the photographer's fees.  The photos were used to illustrate the product application process and were to be used for brochures, sales materials/marketing, and on the packaging of the products.

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