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Hobgoblin--magical creature or magical being?

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I need a few opinions here. In my story my main character gets her hands on a book about magical creatures--imagine the sort of book that Harry Potter might have used in his Care of Magical Creatures class. When I first envisioned the book, I was focused mainly on magical animals. However, now that she has it in her hands, I realize that her first impulse would be to try to look up the hobgoblin that's living in her attic, and I cannot decide whether the hobgoblin should be in it. It would be an easy way to give the reader a little information, but I'm not sure he would belong in a book mainly about creatures.
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I'm no expert, but you could split the difference by having an appendix of "controversial" creatures: ones that consider themselves beings but the magical elite of the day consider below them. If that makes sense...
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I think you may have to define creature and being as you want them defined-- because creature is from the Late Latin creatura which means any 'created thing' or 'living thing.' 'Creature' and 'being' are synonyms.

We human beings do enjoy our creature comforts....

But in your book you can define them any way you wish--so long as you make it clear.

:) eab

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There could be another book found in the same or related location, or a page ripped out from that other book stuck inside, or the book could be in two parts, or someone could have written something in, in the margins.

But I'd say try to stay true to the logic of your world--if the hobgoblin doesn't belong in the book, don't put it in there just to serve a writing purpose. Let you character look it up and not find it. There are lots of other ways your character could find out about the hobgoblin. I'd say wherever the magical creature book came from, that's a place that has to do with the magical side of your world, so information about the hobgoblin would somehow relate to that side of your world, but exactly how it comes or is found or told, for that you have plenty of possibilities.

Larissa's idea is totally fun, too. And definitely like eab says, you get to decide what the book has in it--so you can always just change the sense of the book some so that it would include hobgobbies . . .
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