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How to start looking for companies hiring illustrators

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Hey everyone!!

So I skimmed here a bit and I'm not entirely sure if this question is answered elsewhere- I apologize if it is- But I was wondering how I might get started looking for a company to hire me. I've google searched it but it seems there should be another way, perhaps a site that has updates on this sort of thing. I am kind-of freelancing right now, but I'd like to actually have a secure steady job in my field at least for a little while.

Could anyone give me some pointers on this?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi, Amber! 

In your introduction you mentioned that you have an Illustration BFA from Cal State Long Beach -- your school should offer some kind of alumni assistance program to help you find full-time employment, if you're looking for a full-time salaried role as an in-house illustrator.  California has a wide-variety of creative employment opportunities...but there's also a considerable amount of, hopefully, your alumni school connections will help you there.

And, I'd recommend reading the Graphic Artist's Guild "Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook" (or PEGs) if you haven't already as part of your school requirements -- it has some very helpful information about creative role descriptions, rates and salaries, and sample contracts (in case you choose to do some additional freelancing). Also, check out one of the recent annual Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market books; it also lists submission information for a variety of companies that work with creatives such as illustrators and graphic designers.  Both of those books are available in any major bookstore as well as online for purchase.

Good luck!

- Tanja

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